center1Whether you have a dog or not, please consider volunteering with 4Paws.

4Paws is a young organization with big dreams, and your help through our initial start-up can have lasting effects on how the organization will accomplish its mission.

Why Volunteer?

  • You can be in the company of your best canine friends;
  • You can make others feel good about themselves;
  • You can help us with many important jobs;
  • You can do something meaningful for our communities.

What can you do?

center2You can become a team with your dog. To apply, download an application.

  • Our teams go to both healthcare and educational sites throughout the north bay region. Healthcare includes hospitals, assisted living facilities, clinics, mental health units, veteran's facilities and family-style homes for parents whose children are treated for life-threatening diseases.
  • Readers of the Pack™ teams go to classrooms, after-school Boys and Girls Clubs, and libraries. Depending on your site, you can work one-on-one with children or in small groups to help them enjoy reading and writing. By being successful readers, children can become better students.

You can join the board or work on a committee.

  • If you are interested in working as a board member, please contact us at info@4pawscenter.org. The board is currently establishing the policies and procedures that will determine how 4Paws will operate in order to reach its goals. Our vision is to one day have our own facility where we can coordinate all our components: Learning, Nutrition, Readers of the Pack™, Social Therapy and Wellness.

You can join or spearhead a committee.

  • Working on a committee gives you a chance to get to know us and to use your special skills. Envelope-stuffers, graphic-savvy people, retired teachers, managers or healthcare professionals, people with hospice or grief counseling experience, parents, grandparents and children can all contribute by modeling the change we want to see in our world.